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Hi, 2015!

Posted at: 2015-01-11 02:07:33
Catself by Aki Roukala

Photography: Aki Roukala

We are deep into 2015 already, so it is time to say hi...

Hi, 2015! Please be good, and you know what I mean.

I wish everyone visiting here: my Fans, Friends, my dear Album Supporters (Believers!) and, last but not least, myself a great year with all the important things: health, happiness, good adventures and my debut album.


As a goodbye to 2014, here is a recording from last November: my melancholic song Roadkill Happens, recorded and filmed at Acoustic FM radio in The Netherlands! We recorded more songs at that session and they will be played on Acoustic FM.


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Catself performs in Zaandam

Posted at: 2014-11-06 23:24:52
Already tomorrow night on November 7th, Catself will perform at Flat Out Friday at Café 't Makerijtje in Zaandam. There will be performances of more singers-songwriters, and Catself will begin the event at 21:00.

Flat Out Friday

At the Blanko show last Saturday, on November 1st, the mood was dark and quite spiritual. Klaas Guchelaar again took some very atmospheric photos and you can watch them here:

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Great live reviews! Tonight Catself plays in Emmen

Posted at: 2014-11-01 15:01:39
Catself's concert in Oude Pekela was unforgettable. From one of the reviews, titled "Catself from Finland leaves the audience spellbound":

Her style is quite different from the rest in the genre. No love songs or (love) sadness and other clichés, but songs about nature, dreams, mermaids, hitchhiking in Spain, fishing and fishermen, drunken Finns, runaway cats, hit deer, bunnies struck by the lightning and the Apocalypse. All this accompanied by herself on guitar, which was for the second set exchanged for a piano. [...] Although it wasn't the easiest music, she kept the audience breathless and captivated till the end.

Full review in Dutch by Yvo Broekhoven:

Review in English, with photos, by Klaas Guchelaar:

Tonight Catself plays at Blanko, Emmen, sharing the stage with Chabliz and Erik Vinke.


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Concerts in The Netherlands

Posted at: 2014-10-18 01:14:19
Catself has just arrived in The Netherlands. She will play a few concerts there this autumn and will begin work on a music video for a song from her upcoming debut album.

The first performance is already tonight in Oude Pekela. Please visit the Shows page for more concert information.

Below, one of Catself's new songs, Roadkill Happens, filmed last spring in Groningen at Zwartzondersuikersessies.

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